For Mum

Magical memories

Many more moments to come

Happy Birthday, Mum

Awww me mum 🍹💖🎂

Love Mandy 💘


Haiku 14

Tap dancing on roof

Uninvited seaside guests

Laughing as they swoop

I’ve been thinking of childhood holidays today and remembered pesky seagulls at seaside caravan resorts.

Back soon… love Mandy 💘

Goodnight – a haiku

Died on his birthday

Hard to entwine words today

Summer’s gone away

An old friend passed away. Age only 53 to the day. RIP Jeremy Hammond.

Love Mandy 💘

Haiku 11

Hard to ignore the

Immortalised harmony

Of shy nightingale

I love birds and flowers and weather and the sky so I guess that is why I end up writing about them mostly! Good haiku topics.

Take care and back soon… love Mandy 💘